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Your Words in 3D
SoundWave Art

The perfect gift for anyone (even for yourself!), each sound-wave art piece is custom-made from your choice of words.

Either send a voice recording with the words you want to say and you will receive a customized hand-made art piece to hang on the wall, or if you don't feel like recording your own voice, no problem. Tell me what you'd like said and I'll record the words/sound-wave for you and use that as a template :)

Current available in 2 sizes:
Regular - 2ft x 1ft
Large - 4ft x 2ft

*As each piece is custom made, the dimensions are approximate and vary slightly by project

If you'd like to discuss a different size, please reach out and I'd be happy to discuss.

Ready to Order?

Contact me directly at,

or click below to purchase through Etsy.

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